January 13, 2010

you're not that beautiful

by k-the-i???
K-The-I??? - Mush Records Artist
you’re not that beautiful
nope, you’re not that beautiful
you are not that beautiful

(but I'm lying to myself)
by k-the-i???

you’re not that beautiful
I see you, you seem shallow, what comes next:
the rivers separate, thunder storm performing tipple bypass
unless your heart sees, some sunlight on the situation.
great ideas staying away from, I’m not, ready to play any more games.
what’s your name?
and aren’t you ashamed of your attitude acting all rude for no apparent reason?
seasons change,
so I guess if you would just open up your heart instead of being close minded,
and disrespectful,
leaving me with no actual answers to why we never got together.
so I’m making up my own answers to why is seems,
like everything was perfect one night,
then next morning feelings change.

I could never cater to the pussycat,
granted that I still like you, and that’s a fact...
Miss Portland Maine universal Jersey girl.

my heart is fucken bro-ken;
still I think I fell in love with you too quick.
all I wanted to do was get to know you better,
our bodies felt so good together.

so whether or not we could make this work,
that was one night of a connection made so I’m still waiting to see
this answer- please talk to me.
actually you don’t just act like nothing ever happened.
but it’s true,
we felt energy and I’m asking you to remember me (asking you to remember)
I’m asking you to remember me.
giving me no other chances to the melody.
seriously (seriously)
when I’m in the same (same)
when I’m in the same (when I’m in the same)
when I’m in the same room with you,
I can never stop looking at you;
you seem to do the same,
so what’s up with this lame way of taming lions?
all I ever wanted to do was give you the world.

the day you avoided my phone calls
I felt so, I felt so vandalized
so I went out to the city destroyed it with graffiti.
met up with JD Walker, and we sat down with a long conversation about reality.
he explains to me, don’t worry.
but my biggest weakness is a girl:
my emotions jump ship, hit bone,
outta place, without my subconscious thinking mutual friends.

thought we matched
or maybe it isn't true,
all but this, all but this..
it couldn’t even make that sense.
we had to fall into the abyss.
it’s now another day and all I wanted to say is, why?
why can’t we establish a relationship?
I care for you; you care for me
we combine to form a perfect family (yeah that’s funny).
talking to me, stop ignoring me
I’ve finished to diminish myself, from this story

you’re not that beautiful
you’re not that beautiful
no, you’re no that be
but imp lying to myself
but imp lying to myself
really, you’re not that beautiful
no you’re not that beautiful
you’re not that beautiful
but really, imp lying to my self
you’re not that beautiful
no no no no
you’re not that beautiful
you’re not that beautiful

fuck outta here

word up
the artist
Hailing from Cambridge, Mass., but a musical nomad of sorts, K-The-I?? has traversed the USA pushing sonic boundaries with his unique brand of densed-out boom-bap. Armed with a commanding voice and a gritty production aesthetic that recalls Bomb Squad-era Public Enemy and signature Def Jux recordings, he crafts tracks that swell and pulse with an immersive gravity. Making an appearance on Bigg Jus and Orko Eloheem's recent NMS album, Imperial Letters of Protection, K-The-I??? has earned the respect of many of indie hip-hop's elite, including Thavius Beck, who offered to produce his latest full-length. Whether writing epic love letters or harnessing bugged-out electric currents, K-The-I???’s music has a personality and urgency that demands your attention.

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