January 15, 2010

bike for three

Bike for Three! is a "cross-continental collaboration" between Canadian hip-hop artist Rich Terfry, also known as Buck 65, and Belgian producer Joëlle Phuong Minh Lê, also known as Greetings from Tuskan.[1][2][3]

Their debut album, More Heart Than Brains, was released by Anticon on May 26, 2009.[4] While Buck 65 and Greetings from Tuskan have ongoing solo efforts, they say the band "should not be thought of as a side-project", and the album "NOT a one-off affair".[5] Though the two have never met in person,[6][7] they have been making music since 2007, and the album has been "finished" since June 2008.[4][10] The album marks the first time that a Buck 65 album features completely electronicproduction.[9][11]

"lazarus phenomenon"

The boy was an old cat and the girl was a clever mouse.
Didn't matter where they went, in whichever house,
Motel, suitcases and rental cars,
Photos and empty bottles memories and mental scars.
Raising heck, surveying damages, appraising wrecks.
Long nights and fights that ended with amazing sex.
Moments that were equally quiet and uproarious.
Frequently slow dancing in the kitchen, it was glorious.
Unknowns, they broke each other's bones and built camp fires.
They jumped out of windows and lived like vampires.
They'd bathe in the same water, same anguish.
They spoke bad French but laughed in the same language.
The boy was an old cat and the girl was a clever mouse.
Unswimmable waters and flames they could never douse.
One minute they were millionaires, the next they'd be the poorest.
What he liked about her was that she could see the forest.
Steering clear of some troubles and averting wrongs,
They drew curtains and died together over certain songs.
Opposites, theirs was a friendship of the rare sort.
They'd steal books and talk dirty at the airport.
Evangelists amongst themselves, it was scandalous.
Company was kept by Joan of Los Angeles.
Diamonds and crying eyes, short tempers and fast drives.
Promises and unsolved mysteries and past lives...

I can't help but wonder,
Will you recognize my face?
I hope so...
Here it's perfectly dark.

The girl was a clever mouse and the boy was an old cat.
Diamonds are forever, but they were never told that.
He'd lay there beside her, awake for safekeeping
While she'd ask questions to the river while she was sleeping.
And who by accident? The emptiness had grown quick.
She stood on his shoulders but for heaven he was homesick.
Long before the end came he already missed her.
She went slowly out of focus and he died without a whisper.

And I can't help but wonder,
Will you recognize my face?
I hope so...
Here's it's perfectly dark.

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