January 16, 2010

The Minority

by Joseph Ledgenz

we like revolution weather
solar dust and brimstone
several birds of one feather
can’t kill us with ten stones
we sculpt clouds like hand puppets and paper masks
we’re voodoo dancers naked at a sacred mass
we’re riot inciters with polite anesthesia –we
lapse into sacraments to exquisite corpses
quite lightly and leisurely
collapsing in fragments to exit the courses
we’re philosophic assassins for hire
we’re hollow earth shelter seekers
pissing water art and breathing fire
the sin of men’s selfless teachers
we’re the roman candles of discourse
audiophiles to our own voices
we’re the heavily saddled gift horse
the audience files to our own choices
weighing down our ghosts with magnets
paperweights for the paper thin
with skeletons in our cabinets
laying face to face with fate again
you lay awake in the plains and badlands
we’re the walking talking cadavers in black
unearthed birth of the 21st century bad man
victims of past words and matters of fact
we frighten the masses with airwave treachery
allegedly sever syllables spoken ill legibly
several silly fools want to tote the new weaponry
loaded for the bloke who spoke the truth epicly
we, the people of the united fates of apathy
laugh as our lair dilapidates rapidly
swoon to the moon with our bags packed happily
and crash back to earth when the clock strikes apogee
nasty as we have to be, black pageantry in action
spooning food for thought that couldn’t feed a fraction
of the population, hoards getting shot but not inoculation
vacant state of disarray displayed across the nation
play the doctor diagnosis, patience only serves to hurt you
we’re the voodoo priests who beseech to curse you
the few who sleep will rue the slew who sneak through curfew
and slink beyond the breech of decent virtue
we’re the victorious veterans of a holy holocaust
we’re the one’s who find all when all is lost

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