April 23, 2009

beyond baroque

written/spoken by Victor D. Infante

April 22, 2009


by Brian Sharp

There's a dead man sitting in my living room,
I hope he knows his irony isn't welcome here.
This rotting man with hair so black that it always looks wet-
he's my father.
He is no longer with us, he's with me.
My clandestine hemorrhage.
The desperation in his eyes haunt me throughout my day.
The opposite of a guardian angel.

He gave me a gold watch for last year's Christmas-
the color of a drunk's piss.
I guess that means he loves me.
I guess.
I guess I should know.
But I don't, his only truth to me has been
crossed out by repressed memories
that ravage at my hate without remorse.
I've never been one to allow sheaves of scars to go unnoticed,
but I was born with these. Bad genetics they say.
The watch doesn't fit,
but thank you dad.
For giving me time

You never let me forget.
Even now, you howl in my ears.
Reminders that your blood is of an addict,
and so is mine.
I've built this wall for a reason,
not to be protected from you,
but to save you from what's inside myself.

April 21, 2009

robots vs romantics

photography by Elon Shoenholz

the loop digga'

the whole stack to date..

Total: 236

12" inch: 169
10" inch: 5
7" inch: 61

A.F.I. - The Art Of Drowning
A.N.S. - The Process Of Stoking Out
Adolescents - s/t
Adolescents - The Complete Demos 1980-1986
Aesop Rock - Float 2xLP
Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass 2xLP
Agent Orange - Living In Darkness
Algernon Cadwallader - s/t 7"
Alias - The Other Side of the Looking Glass 2xLP
Ampere - Sinaloa split
An Albatross - We Are The Lazer Viking
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Only God Can Judge Me 10"
Antioch Arrow - Gems Of Masochism
Antioch Arrow - In Love With Jets
Arcade Fire - Funeral
At the Drive-In - Aasee Lake split 7"
At the Drive-In - Alfaro Vive, Carajo! 7"
At the Drive-In - Burning Airlines split 7"
*At the Drive-In - Hell Paso 7" SOLD
*At the Drive-In - In/Casino/Out SOLD
At the Drive-In - Invalid Litter Dept. 7"
At the Drive-In - Live in Tokyo 12"
At the Drive-In - Murder City Devils split 7"
At the Drive-In - One Armed Scissor 7"
At the Drive-In - Sunshine split 12"
*At the Drive-In - Relationship Of Command SOLD
At the Drive-In - Rolodex Propaganda 7"
At the Drive-In - Vaya 10"
Atmosphere - Ford One
Atmosphere - Ford Two
Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly 2xLP
Atmosphere - Lucy Ford
Atmosphere - Modern Man’s Hustle 12″
Atmosphere - Overcast!

Bad Brains - s/t
Bear Vs Shark - Terrorhawk
Beck - Modern Guilt
Black Cat #13 - I Blast Off 7"
Black Flag - Damaged
Black Flag - Jealous Again
Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown 7"
Black Flag - The First Four Years
Blatz/The Filth - The Shit Split
Blood Brothers, The - Crimes
Blood Brothers, The - Burn Piano Island, Burn
Blood Brothers, The - March On Electric Children
Born Ruffians - Red, Yellow, & Blue
Bowie, David - Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars
Bravo! Fucking Bravo! - s/t
Breather Resist - Charmer
Breather Resist - Charmer
Breather Resist - Full Of Tongues 7"
Breather Resist - Harkonen split
Breather Resist - Only In The Morning EP (Picture Disc)
Breather Resist - Patent Cruciform Casket 7" (Picture Disc)
Breather Resist - Suicide Note split 7"
Breather Resist - The First Half 7"
Breather Resist - The Second Half 7"
Bright Eyes - I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning
Bronx, The - Bats! (Picture Disc)
Buck 65 - Situation 2xLP
Bullet Treatment - The Mistake

Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein 2xLP
Cage - Hell's Winter 2xLP
Carrear Suicide - s/t
Casualties, The - Die Hards
Ceremony - Scared People 7"
Ceremony - Still Nothing Moves You
Ceremony - Violence, Violence
Chinese Stars, The - A Rare Sensation
Circa Survive - On Letting Go (Picture Disc)
Circa Survive - On Letting Go (Picture Disc)
Circle Jerks - Group Sex
Clikatat Ikatowi - Orchestrated And Conducted By...
Clikatat Ikatowi - River Of Souls
Clouddead - Ten
Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Cold War Kids - Robbers & Cowards
Converge - Petitioning Forever 2xLP
Combat Wounded Veteran - This Is Not An Erect, All Red Neon Body
Common - Resurrection
Company Flow - Funcrusher Plus 2xLP
Cooper, Alice - Welcome To My Nightmare
Cowboys Became Folk Heroes - Discography
Crimson Curse, The - Both Feet In The Grave
Critical Picnic - s/t 7"
Cursive - Happy Hollow
Cursive - The Ugly Organ

D.I. - Richard Hung Himself
Danzig - s/t (Picture Disc)
Deadfall - Comrades 7"
Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery Disasters
Dead Ones, The - s/t 7"
Death From Above 1979 - You're A Woman, I'm A Machine
Deep Puddle Dynamics - The Taste Of Rain.. Why Kneel? 2xLP
Deerhoof - Curtains 7"
Desolation - Demo 7"
Divide And Conquer - s/t 7"
Don Austin - Rust Belt Blues 7"
Dolan, Bernard - Live Evel
Double Negative - s/t
Downcast - s/t 7"
DS 13 - Code 13 split 7"

Eagle Has Landed, The - Compilation 2xLP
Edan - Beauty And The Beat
Egg Hunt - s/t 7"
El P - Fantastic Damage 3xLP
El P - I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead 2xLP
Embrace - s/t
End Of A Year - Sincerely
Evens, The - Get Evens
Explosions In The Sky - All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone 2xLP
Explosions In The Sky - The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place 2xLP
Explosions In The Sky - Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die
Eyedea & Abilities - Blindly Firing 12″

Faint, The - Dance Macabre
Fear - The Record
Fed Up! - Lashing Out 7"
Fugazi - 13 Songs

Germs, The - Forming 7"
Germs, The - Forming (Version 2) 7"
Germs, The - GI
Germs, The - Germicide 7"
Germs, The - Lexicon Devil 7"
Germs, The - What God Means To Me 7"
Get Hustle - Dream Eagle 12"
Get Hustle - Rollin’ The Ruins
Good Life, The - Album Of The Year
Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today
Government Issue - Legless Bull 7"
Ground Unicorn - Damn I Wish I Was Fat 7"
Guns n’ Roses - Appetite For Destruction
Guns n’ Roses - Lies

Head Wound City - s/t 10"

Instigators - Shotgun
Inside Out - No Spiritual Surrender 7"
Intent - Demons Within 7"
Internal Affairs - Evil Egyptians 7"
Iron Maiden - Killers

Jaguar Love - Highways Of Gold 7″
Jaguar Love - Take Me To The Sea
Jefferson Airplane - The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane
Job For A Cowboy - Genesis (Picture Disc)
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures

Killers, The - Day & Age
Kill Me Tomorrow - Rats 7″
Kill Me Tomorrow - The Garbage Man And The Prostitute
K-The-I??? - Broken Love Letters
K-The-I??? - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Last In Line - Congested 7"
Led Zeppelin - I
Locust, The - s/t
Lux Vanitas - The Mysterious And Deadly 7"

Madlib - Shades Of Blue 2xLP
Make Believe - Going To The Bone Church
Mark McCoy - Mark Telfian split 7"
Mars Volta, The - Frances The Mute 3xLP
Mars Volta, The - De-Loused In The Comatorium 2xLP
Mars Volta, The - The Widow 12"
Metalica - Master Of Puppets
MF Doom - Operation Doomsday
Milemarker - Anaesthetic
Millions Of Dead Cops - s/t
Minor Threat - s/t
Minor Threat - Out Of Step
Misfits, The - Earth A.D.
Misfits, The - Static Age
Misfits, The - Walk Among Us (Picture Disc)
Modest Mouse - A Life Of Arctic Sounds 7"
Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams

Nardcore - v/a Compilation
Narrows - s/t 7"
Nerve Agents, The - s/t
Nerve Agents, The - The Butterfly Collection
Non-Prophets, The - Hope 2xLP
Number 12 Looks Like You, The - Mongrel
Number 12 Looks Like You, The - Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear.

Of Montreal - ID Engager 7"
Operation Ivy - Energy
Out Cold - Will Attack If Provoked 7"

Pagodas, The - s/t 7"
Passage - The Forcefield Kids 2xLP
Portugal, The Man - Waiter: “You Vultures!”
Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - Dissertation, Honey
Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - INRI
Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - Love In The Fascist Brothel
Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - Love In The Fascist Brothel
Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - Necktie split 7"
Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness
Pop, Iggy - New Values

Quasimoto - The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas 2xLP
Quasimoto - The Unseen 2xLP

Radiohead - Amnesiac 2xLP/10"
Radiohead - Kid A 2xLP/10"
Radiohead - In Rainbows
Radiohead - OK Computer 2xLP
Reagan Youth - s/t Volume One
Reagan Youth - s/t Volume Two
Reakwon - Only Built For Cuban Linx 2xLP
Rights Of Spring - End On End

Safe Inside - s/t 7"
Sage Francis - A Healthy Distrust 2xLP
Sage Francis - Human The Death Dance 2xLP
Sage Francis - Makeshift Patriot
Scapegrace - Plead 7"
Scholastic Deth - Shackle Me Not 7"
Scream - Still Screaming
See You Next Tuesday - Parasite
Skewbald - Grand Union 7"
S.O.A. - No Policy 7"
Soiled Doves - Hot Siberian Heart 7"
Soiled Doves - Soiled Life
So Called Artists - Sideshow 12″ (Picture Disc)
So Called Artists - Paint By Numbers 2xLP
Sole - Bottle Of Humans 2xLP
Sole - Selling Live Water 2xLP
Sole & The Skyrider Band - s/t 2xLP
Suicidal Tendencies - s/t
Suicide Silence - The Cleansing
Swing Kids - Discography (Picture Disc)
Swing Kids - Spanakorzo split 10"

Teen Idles, The - Minor Disturbance 7"
Terror - One With The Underdogs
Things Change - s/t 7"
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb - Front Seat Solidarity
Thee More Shallows - Book Of Bad Breaks
This Is Boston Not L.A. - v/a Compilation
To Hell And Back - The Shemps split 7"
Tom Gabel - Anna Is A Stool Pigeon 7"
Total Abuse - 06' Demo 7"
Total Abuse - s/t
Total Abuse - Sex Pig 7"
Tokyo Police Club - Elephant Shell
Tv On The Radio - Dear Science
Tv On The Radio - Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes 2xLP
Tv On The Radio - New Health Rock 7"
Tv On The Radio - Province 7"
Tv On The Radio - Young Liars

Uniform Choice - Screaming For Change

Vampire Weekend - s/t
Violent Children - Rock Against Spindlers 7"

Warkrime - Get Loose
Why? - Alopecia
Why? - Elephant Eyelash
Wolf Parade - Apologies To The Queen Mary
Wu-Tang Clan - 36 Chambers

Youth Brigade - Welcome To Washington

Zemezluc - The Crunky Kids split 7"

April 18, 2009

People Mature into Mirages

by SpokenOh

I am,
Shakespeare in a world of imposters,
All the fakes I’ve come to hate,
Are words I must foster,
Into life.
Into light.

It’s a handful, reading this Braille to the masses
A landfill of opinions that I’ve put into caskets
And I will never mask it, with a flag or color.
I’ll wait for the reprise of life
Into summer.

Soapbox impressions, botox expressions,
shadows causing inflection.

Children of the corn; a pilgrim of the norm,
Scorning the mourning which takes place
After the storm.
After the war.

A glinting detection, a squinting erection
Of the sundial playing God in a dialogue
Of regression.

A child smiles, says,
“People mature into mirages, collages,
mosaics of the Ancients. Wait patient,
sunrise will make truth blatant, as
we stand vacant to belief.”

the little things in life

photography by Franck Juery

Etudes universitaires à l’Université Paris VIII au département Photographie, Maîtrise des Sciences et Techniques. Je travaille en tant que photographe indépendant principalement pour l’édition (littérature adulte et jeunesse), la communication d’entreprise et la presse. Je commence à exposer mes recherches personnelles à travers de nombreux sites web et des festivalsTechniquement, j’exploite des médiums variés (numérique,films argentiques,films instantanés) que je tente d’adapter au mieux en fonction des sujets choisis. Je poursuis actuellement des séries sur les thêmes de l’urbanisme, du littoral français et de manière plus intimiste, sur des mise en scènes oniriques.

i wish you were a polaroid


Obviously Knot

by Tim Clark

Without reason I return letters
to sender entitled RE: Son.
Cursing innovation... that
hostile, bastard child of tradition
who wields words as weapons,
welding cold steel to paper as
fingers nervously turn the pages;
eyes find each line like a trigger.

If prepositions could pistol whip
to hold the students attention
instead of elitists debating over
the thought of a thesaurus
as being something prehistoric,
then we'd have hands, not heads
filled with erasable lead and
the butt of a gun will be nothing
more then a subject predicate.

*Editors note: The printing press is dead.
We've burned all the better quotes.

I hoped when the ink dried we'd
have died to this way of thinking,
but my stomachs in 'nots' criticizing
blind usage of such intricate plots.
Gut wrenched that you monkeys
are using pens and pads to bang
hungrily on pots and pans ever since
readers digest got an appetite!

You've tied you're own noose
but doubtfully hung upside down.
Now drown in loose leaves or
breath a sigh into blank sheets
as a subtle sign of relief for
feet buried silently in the clouds.
Before concrete thinking comes to
cement heads to the ground.

To be honest, you'll go unrecognized
because journalists are more
concerned with politics and society
then the way a dead poet writes.

(or should I impart my parts of speech;
debrief literature, literally?)

Hmm?... Obviously knot.
We'll continue lynching ourselves to the top.