August 31, 2009

little folk - big hearts

Paul Baribeau

Paul Baribeau’s warm, witty sounds and gnarly beard bring something truly unique and interesting to the folk-punk table. With such well-known friends as Matty Pop Chart and Kimya Dawson, the South Central Michigan native collaborates often, but has two of his own beautiful solo records out on Plan-It-X.

ten things -

never get to know -

Johnny Flynn

Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit are an English folk rock band signed to Lost Highway. They are fronted by Johnny Flynn (also known as Joe Flynn), an actor, poet and songwriter who cites W.B. Yeats and Shakespeare among his influences. He is a member of the 'Propeller' theatre troupe, acting in several plays including Twelfth Night. Band members of 'The Sussex Wit' include Matt Edmonds, Adam Beach, Joe Zeitlin, Lillie Flynn and Johnny Flynn.
Flynn is a graduate of the Bedales school, which he attended on scholarship. The school's recent alumni include Lily Allen, Luke Pritchard of the Kooks and Patrick Wolf.

tickle me pink -

Edward Colver

punk isn’t about opposing society, it’s about operating independent of it.

IT WAS fast, it was furious and it was over in a blink. But photographer Edward Colver's shutter blinked a fraction faster. If not for his poking in and out of hot, dank punk clubs across the Southland, a whole big chunk of L.A.'s early hardcore scene of the '70s and early '80s would have hurtled -- visually -- out of memory.

If you were there, you remember him. He was everywhere -- Hong Kong Cafe, the Cuckoo's Nest, Perkins Palace -- impossible to miss: The tall guy smack in the middle of the churning mosh pit, towering over the melee ("When they push it, I tell 'em I'm 5-17."); the one with the thrashed Pentax with the strobe duct-taped to the hot shoe, the one you might have seen later rolling off into the night in a powder-blue hearse.

But when that first wave bowed off, so did he. Or so people seemed to think.

He and his subject slipped out of the frame. The images, however, continued to swirl round and round, many without Colver's knowledge. Just as Colver had once been, they were now ubiquitous. Not just on punk rock websites or lending a visual foundation for documentaries like "American Hardcore," but on T-shirts and other paradoxically ready-made anarchy gear lining the walls of mall stores. If that weren't unsettling enough, Colver and his wife, Lani, a make-up artist, recently discovered that one of his most famous shots, the photo from the Circle Jerks' "Group Sex" album, had ended up on a line of Vans sports shoes. "It's kind of turned into this detrimental thing because everybody remembers my photos, but they forgot I took 'em. . . . And it's kinda weird," Colver says with a "whatever" shrug.