December 23, 2010


lyrics for an
upcoming project: faile

I. Lightbearer

i adorn stigmata
of the nihilist
i dress in absence and ambiguity
i hold on to nothing and spit glass like promises
where love sucks off the nails of it’s own coffin
and crucifixes roll back into heads like orgasms
we feed on the void
i am the light bearer
i am the terror, the light
i am hell.

II. 1988

apocalypse palms
i feel a warmth undone
alone is where i consume my self,
in together i fork my tongue
a wake of vagrants
and i’ve been abandoned by roads
i know home by the number of tombstones
and the monuments of ruin i behold.
i find comfort in its venom
discomfort in my content,
i’ve slithered a million miles
to be guiled in my return to each contempt.

III. Crucified

stack like brick your hair and flesh
begin, construct, rename your baphomet
anathemas and grotesque alike
spill your blood in spite
close your eyes and construe post fame
rue, we’ve painted thier breath for war
we scribbled sunrays on foreheads
and gave them name
we’ve built their crooked heads
we’ve stacked the bodies, then forgot
licked our lips and spit macabre
each cult, each tome
each holy quote rebirthed
you gave murder worth.

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